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We grew up eating at Leo's. The fries, the onion rings, the burgers, the breakfast, the gyros (gaaaaah the gyros). So damn good. Besides that, it's in a cool neighborhood, it's quaint, and it's one of the oldest establishments in Little Rock. A true dive. Our favorite kind of restaurant.

So when the opportunity arose a few years back, we decided to become the new owners. People were asking us what we were going to do. Add a second story? Turn it into a discotheque? (those were real questions, btw) No. Wrong. None of that. We wanted Leo's to stay the same as it was when we were growing up, so that's what we've done.***

No frills, no pretentiousness, just great food and cheap beer.

*** Okay I kinda lied. We did add a beer and wine to the menu. Come get a $0.75 PBR, the cheapest beer in the state!


  • Thick thighs save lives

  • Good burgers can fix broken marriages

  • Calories don't count if you chew with your eyes closed

  • As of 2008, mortgage companies do NOT take our food as trade for principle payments

  • Gyros cannot melt steel beams

  • Leo's is sponsored by Lipitor

  • Buns of all kinds, human included, should always be served toasted

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  • A head of garlic a day keeps the girlfriends away

  • At Leo's, a glass of water is $24 (we usually give a discount, though)

  • Snitches get stitches

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